Vendor Review: Warby Parker=Wishy Washy Me

So I think I have been on the hunt for a new pair of glasses for a year.  It should not be this hard or take this long to find a pair of glasses but I am terrible at this.

After wearing the Thompson for a week, they felt like they didn't quite mold to my facial features as I had originally thought.  So back they went and the search continued.  When I couldn't find a pair of glasses that I liked that didn't cost half my mortgage, I went back to the Warby Parker website and chose five frames for a home trial run.   Trying to get J to help me decide these days is almost impossible because he has seen so many pairs of glasses that he thinks they all look the same at this point.  So I thought I'd try on the glasses and post better pictures than the ones I took with my iPhone months ago and maybe ya'll could help me finally pick a pair of glasses.

The frames came in this nifty little box.


From Top to Bottom:  Nedwin, Reese, Langston, Linwood, Leigh

Photobucket These are the Nedwin. Photobucket These are the Reece Photobucket These are the Langston 
Photobucket These are the Linwood. Photobucket Last but not least, these are the Leighs.

For some reason I keep gravitating towards Langston and Reece.  Maybe it's because they're not the normal black I get.  Langston is matte tortoise color and Reese is a glossy tortoise color.  So what do you guys think?  Or do you agree with J that they all just look the same?  Help me end my wishy washy madness.  

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  1. Hi!
    They don't all look the same...just very similar. haha.
    The most flattering pair on your are the Langston's. They have that little flair at the edge that really make them work for you.

    The Fashionable ESQ

    1. Thanks! I can never make up my own mind. The folks at Warby Parker picked those out for me too but J and the IL's liked the Reece better. Oh this shouldn't be so hard. But then again for the price I might as well just buy both. Ha.



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