Weekend Recap: Stopping to smell the bluebonnets

Hi there!  Hope everybody had a good weekend.  I was hoping that the three day weekend would be kind of relaxing but we were just running around the whole time.  Friday was spent just running errands but we did manage to go to a local park to take pictures of Nathan in the bluebonnets.  We finally got some.  Or so I thought.  We ran around in the field of bluebonnets. Nathan even stopped to smell the bluebonnets.

After I felt like I had a fairly decent amount of pictures we headed home.  When I uploaded the photos, I was disappointed to realize that all 79 of my pictures made Nathan look like a smurf.  I think I must have used too low of an ISO setting.  I've never tried editing my own photos but I had to try and salvage these pictures.


Not too bad if I say so myself.  Although ideally I wish I hadn't messed with my settings to begin with. It's been such a long time since my camera has seen any action off the tripod that I forgot what ISO setting I put my camera on when I shoot outside.

Then Saturday, we woke up at SEVEN.  SEVEN people.  If you know me and my pre-baby life, I never woke up before 11.  It's love I tell ya.  And so since we were awake, Nathan and I ventured over to Gymboree to play with some other kiddos.  We haven't gone for the last few weeks because Nathan had a cold and I know that some parents are sensitive about other sick kiddos.  Us included.  So we kept Nathan at home.  I was excited that we were going to be able to socialize with others.  But when we got there, we were the only ones there.  So Nathan had the whole place to himself.  

Photobucket Photobucket 

Sunday we went and spent Easter with our friends.  Last year Nathan was a little too young to understand the Easter egg hunt.  I had to hover him over the eggs and instruct him to grab it because he wasn't walking yet.  How times have changed since then.  This year, he still didn't quite know what to do but at least he could walk from egg to egg. 

He didn't waste any time to find out what was inside.  He would open them immediately.    


He was in his own little world, completely oblivious to the competitive chaos that was going on around him as the older kids bounced around trying to gather as many eggs as they could.  It was so much fun spending time with Nathan and our friends but am I exhausted.  

So trying to get in as much sleep as I could this morning meant I threw on the first thing I could find in my closet that didn't require ironing.  Nothing special but easy and simple.  


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