OOTD: Wearing the blues

Not too much happened over the weekend.  We went to a four year old's birthday party on Saturday and then attempted to go eat breakfast at a local joint around the corner from the house.  We had hoped it would be a leisurely family breakfast but Nathan didn't like that idea so it turned into one of us scarfing down our food while the other wrangled Nathan outside. That's about as exciting as our weekends get these days.

  Are ya'll completely sick of this chambray shirt because I'm thinking about wearing it again tomorrow.

I carried the blue outfit into today.  Different day, different shade.
Shirt:  Banana Republic Outlet, Skirt, Belt: Kohls, Shoes:  Blogsale

I should also add that I'm going to call this my fat Monday skirt because since it is jersey material, it can stretch to accomodate my weekend gut.  With as much as I've been eating these days, you would never believe that I managed to run a half marathon last month.  I haven't run in two weeks and I'm finally starting to feel and see it.

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