OOTD: Springing Forward

Since tomorrow is Good Friday, my office will be closed.  So today was my casual Friday.  I really didn't want to put a whole lot of thought into my outfit and just wanted to be comfortable.  Plus it was my day to drop Nathan off at Casa de Nana's and that's always easier in flats than heels.


I'm surprised I look kind of peppy in this picture considering I only got seven hours of sleep last night.  That's a no go in my books.  I need at least nine hours if possible or I'm just plain grumpy.  Why did I only get seven hours of sleep you ask?  See that thing behind me?  Yeah that's why I was awake until midnight.  I was determined to get it put together before I went to bed.  Plus you can never leave a half done project lying around our house.  Otherwise it will inevitably get demolished by Nathan in some way.  So what is that thing behind me?  It's supposed to be a shoe cabinet but I got the brilliant idea to use it for something else instead.  PURSES!  I change out my purses on a pretty frequent basis and so storing them on the top shelf in my master closet just wasn't quick enough access to them as I would have liked.  Plus, being only 4'11.5" it's kind of a pain in the rear to constantly have to reach up to get the purse I plan on carrying each day.  Story of my life.  So much underutilized storage space in my house because I can't reach it.  So I thought this would be the perfect solution.  Took me two hours and one blister on my hand later and it was complete.

Now my purses have a nice little home.
I like the whole setup so much that I might have to buy a second one just for mini me's shoes.  Yes he's got enough shoes to fill his own shoe cabinet.  Are you really that shocked?  

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