OOTD: Pulling out the fat skirt

This morning I planned on wearing this dress but when I tried to put it on, it wouldn't budge past my pudge and butt.  So today was a maxi skirt kinda day.  I guess this is my new go to fat day staple.

Shirt, Skirt, Wedges, Bracelet

I don't have any idea why my dress didn't fit this morning. Maybe it's because I ate too much during date night on Saturday.

Dress:  Francesca's (similar here), Shoes
But I think the pudge was there before date night as evidenced by my noticeable thunder thighs in the picture above.  

Or maybe, just maybe, it's because I haven't really run since the half marathon in February because my knee didn't like that race.  So I'm now a slug and have put on eight pounds in a month.  I don't think I even gained that much in my first trimester of pregnancy.  And don't go there.  No I'm not pregnant.  My eating hasn't really changed but my activity level has almost been non-existant.  No thanks to the Hunger Games book.  Or maybe, my body, knowing that I'm about to turn *cough* 30 *cough* next month, decided to slow down early.  They say your metabolism slows down as you get older ya know.  I'm just going to say it.  I don't believe all those articles that say you don't burn enough calories during a run to warrant pigging out on a gallon of Blue Bell strawberry banana pound cake ice cream afterwards.  The only reason I can think that I've gained this spare tire around my belly is from not running as regularly as I have in the past.  At least I can be my own flotation device if I'm ever in a large body of water.

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  1. I love both outfits, but you don't mention where you get the clothes! Beautiful pictures though :)

    1. Thanks Sarah. I try and post links to where you can get the items when I can. I've gone ahead and edited this post with the links. Happy shopping!



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