OOTD: Everybody's a critic

Happy Monday everybody!  More like tired Monday for me.  A new neighbor has moved into the tree in our backyard and chirps all night long.  So it was hard to fall asleep.  I guess that's why I look so disheveled today. 

Nathan also had some input in today's outfit.  I usually wear a belt with this dress but when I grabbed my belt, he gave me his disapproving grunt.  When I asked him if he thought I should wear the belt or not, he shook his head no.  Well okay then.  Let's try a different belt.  Same grunts.  Same head shake.  So no belt it is even though this outfit needs a belt.  I've heard about toddlers being picky about their clothes but daaaaaamn...I've never heard of one being picky about what mom and dad wear.  I guess now I know how he feels when I dress him in some of the boring outfits that are out there for little boys.  Last Thursday he kinda chose out his outfit.  We pulled an outfit out of his drawer and laid it out for him to wear after his bath.  When he got out of the bath, he ran over to the outfit and started pointing at it.  Once we put it on him, he was a happy little clam and we went on with the rest of our afternoon.  The bird must be asleep and so is Nathan.  So I think I will join him before it gets dark and the bird returns to torment me.  Night night!

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