Review: JCPenny=Petite friendly shopping

Trying to find clothes to fit me is always a challenge.  Shirts, pants and sleeves are usually too big.  The extra small size of most brands are still sacks on me.  I always forget about all-in-one box stores like Kohl's and JCPenny. Tonight I decided to venture over to JCPenny because I was looking for the Dior DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler.  They had to have typed that incorrectly onto the website right?  Talk about a repetitive name.  While they didn't have the eyelash curler at that particular store, the helpful sales associate did help me find some new foundation.

With my new foundation in hand, I figured I'd check out the petite section. Like most petite sections, JCPenny's wasn't very large but I did manage to find a few pieces for a steal.

First up is this tweed, poplin blazer that I picked up for $10.

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I know it's kind of hard to tell how it fits since I've got such a long tank on underneath.  It fits perfectly and hits right at my hips.  And the best part?  The sleeves are the right length and don't extend past my fingers like most blazers do.  I also like that it doesn't have a collar because sometimes collars tend to make me look like I have no neck.  Ha.  It's starting to get a tad bit warm here these days but I can never really pack away my winter clothes because I will usually need them to keep me warm at work. The boss likes to keep the office cool.  That often means the thermostat is set to 65 degrees.  Anything below 75 is freezing to me.  So layers are a must in my office.

Next I found this skirt for $5.

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I'm slightly obsessed with skirts and for $5 I couldn't pass this one up.  It's white with little specks of subtle gold to it.  It even came with a shimmery champagne colored belt.  Since I am so short, I have come to accept that skirts will often hit below my knees but this one actually is just right above my knees for once.  

Totally wouldn't have thought to go check out JCPenny's for petite clothes but I may have to go there more often.  Especially since the prices are so reasonable too.  I went in for an eyelash curler and walked out with some new foundation, some free samples and some new clothes.

Here's today's outfit with my new blazer.
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Definitely not my favorite outfit because I think the blazer is a little edgy for the skirt but ehhh.  Dress and learn.  I wonder if it would look better if I switched out the buttons.  Thoughts?  

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