OTTD: Two for Tuesday

Since I had such a long, random post last night, I figured I'd spare ya another post with my outfit.  So here's yesterday's

Shirt:  Jcrew, Skirt:  Ann Taylor Loft, Purse: Kate Spade, Pumps

and today's.

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Cardigan: Gap, Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Express, Pumps: Target

I look a little run down today.  For one, I was woken up by a very loud thunderstorm last night.  Both the guys managed to sleep through it.  Lucky ducks.  And I just couldn't fully fall back asleep.  Then this morning I had Nathan while J had a conference call that he forgot about.  I had another outfit in mind when I got dressed this morning but when I put it on it just looked all wrong.  So I just threw this on and ran out the door since I was already kinda late.  Again thanks to the forgotten conference call.   So maybe tomorrow will be a better day and I won't look so frazzled.  

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