OOTD: Wrinkled

As much as I like the feel of silk, I always forget that it wrinkles like crazy.  So what I was thinking when I picked up this dress from Banana a few years ago is beyond me.  Since I am trying to curb my shopping addiction these days, I have been "shopping the closet" as some like to call it.  To make it even more challenging is that this morning I tried to find something that didn't require ironing because Nathan is usually a pretty light sleeper in the mornings.  I pulled this dress or some may say sack, out of my closet and decided that it had been too long since it had seen the light of day.  Threw it on and ran out the door.
Dress:  B is bananas.  B-A-N-A-N-A...Republic (similar here), Belt: came with a skirt from Kohls, Pumps:  Target

Got halfway to work and realized that one, this thing was wrinkled more than I thought...that's what the lack of sleep will do to ya.  Things appear better than you think.  And I thought that only happened with alcohol.  And two, that it had this weird haze over it.  No wonder it was shoved into the depths of my closet.  As much action as this dress got in my pre-Nathan days, it might be time to retire it because it's a little more high maintenance than I have time for these days.

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