OOTD: Paul Bunyan

I think Nathan is finally starting to feel normal again.  He's still got a slight cough but it's nothing like it was on Sunday morning.  He was running around the house this morning while I tried to take my outfit pictures but when he heard the camera click, he came to a stop and ran over to investigate what I was up to.  So he decided he wanted to be part of the picture too.  At least he was fully dressed this time.  

Shirt:  Forever21, Skirt: Old Navy, Ballet Flats: TOMS, Belt: Target
Toddler:  A little bit of me.  A little bit of J.  Shirt: Old Navy (and I typically HATE shirts that have characters or writing on them.  However, Nathan calls my mother-in-law nana.  And so I knew she'd love it), Shorts:  ON?  I have no clue

Anyhoo...this gingham shirt has been one of my favorites this year even though it's been hard as heck to figure out what to wear with it. If I wear it with jeans, Jason points out that I kind of like a lumberjack.  So to prevent myself from being mistaken for a lumberjack, I decided to pair it with a maxi skirt and my pink ballet flats. 

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