OOTD: Patches

So it's a few days before the start of April but the April showers are here!  It's dark and gray today and it looks like it's supposed to stay that way for the rest of the week.  So I decided this May flower needed to go ahead and bloom.

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Top:  JCrew Outlet, Skirt: Local Merchant I stumbled across at the City Wide Garage Sale, Wedges:  TOMS

I'm always up for funky pieces and this was definitely a funkier piece.  I bought it right before I found out I was pregnant with Nathan and I can finally fit back into it.  Although after having chips and salsa for lunch I had some serious second thoughts about wearing it again for a while.  That's what no running for a week does to me.  The thing I love about this skirt is the profile view.  It reminds me of that scene in Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are looking at wedding dresses and she says she feels like a bell.  Well, this is my bell skirt.  Ding dong.  The patches in the flower are an assortment of colors so I could really pair it with just about any color top.  So not only is it funky, I think it'll be very versatile.  I'm sure it'll get a lot of wear this spring and summer now that it kind of fits.

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  1. Love the outfit, especially wedges. What color are the wedges?

    1. Thanks Sara! The wedges are the red ones.



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