OOTD: Okay so maybe I lied

So remember yesterday when I said that the rest of the week would likely be repeats?  Well I guess I lied. This morning despite having to handle drop off duties, I managed to put together something together.  I've been loving all the bright outfits I see Tara wearing all the time.  So I know that I already have a pretty colorful wardrobe but I usually pair the one really bright color with something very neutral.  I have a hard time visualizing color combos.  So today I said what the heck and decided to just try something.

and yes I know my hair looks ridiculous.  Ha.

I think overall I did okay.  Although if I added some red somewhere in this outfit, I'd run the risk of looking like a traffic light.  Although after I took this picture I realized the flats would result in my pants dragging on the ground.  The sound of pants dragging on the ground is like nails on a chalkboard.  DRIVES.ME.NUTS.  Which is why I prefer to wear skirts.

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