OOTD: Dressing in Technicolor

So I broke my self imposed shopping freeze last night.  Made it a week folks.  I had to run to Old Navy to exchange some shorts that I had bought for Nathan.  Just like me, he is difficult to dress because he wears 3T shirts and 18-24/2T shorts.  The particular shorts I bought he needed the 18-24month version vs. the 2T.  Anyway, while I was there, I decided to mosey on over to the sale section and I found this dress.

Dress, Purse:  Kate Spade Head in the Sand Quinn (similar here), Pumps

I have been eyeballing this dress online for weeks and so when I saw it in the sale section in store, I just knew I was taking it home.  I love all the colors of this dress and because it is so colorful, it should be all sorts of fun to create outfits with. The website doesn't say it's an online only item but I've never seen it in store and this one had crease lines in it like it had been folded the way Old Nay tends to do when they ship items from their warehouse.  Okay, so this may totally reveal my age but if the stripes on this dress were going vertical instead of horizontal, it would kind of look like the tv station sign off screen from the 80s.  Or was it the 70s?  Now that time is filled with lovely infomercials for get skinny quick pills and 5 Hour Energy.  If anybody is awake to see those commercials, they'll definitely need the 5 Hour Energy the next day.  Oh yeah and I forgot the commercials for P90X. Or is the new workout fad Insanity?  I get them all confused.  Okay, now off to go have some quality snooze time with Nathan.  Toodles!

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