OOTD: Brain fart

I really can't think of anything clever today.  I'm not even sure how I'm able to type right now because I have got the worst headache ever.  Haven't had one in a while so I guess I was due for one.  I've been told they're migraines but while these headaches are painful, I always imagined migraines being much worse than what I have going on right now.  But these suckers still require a nap to function like a normal human being.  I guess it's a good thing Nathan didn't take a nap today at nana's so I can snooze too.  Now onto the important stuff.  What I wore today.


This was the only picture I managed to get before the battery died and I needed to take Nathan to Casa de Nana's.  Nathan was trying to show me a toy he wanted in the little brochure in his hands.  That's my boy.  Likes shopping just as much as his mama.  Just for different things.  

Okay, I think I've pushed my luck with this headache because I am now starting to feel ill.  So goodnight!  Hopefully I'll be a little more social tomorrow.  Toodles!

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