Nathan: The little gardener

Like most little boys, Nathan loves being outside.  Especially with poppy or as he has started to call him "Pa" because he hasn't quite figured out how to say poppy.  So Pa it is.  Nathan has discovered the joys of fire ant hills as he excitedly ran over to one, stuck his hand in and let the little buggers would eat him alive.  Luckily the little guy was unphased by the little pests crawling all over him.  Meanwhile I was screaming to get them off him.  Need I remind ya'll about my hatred for ants?

So to try and prevent him from exploring any more anthills, the in-laws decided to plant a little garden outside Nathan's window at Nana's house.  It melted my heart when J sent me this picture via text.

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He did always like going out in the front yard and helping Pa water the plants out there.  Now he can water his own little plants.  Hopefully he gets Pa's green thumb and not his mama's black thumb.  I usually kill just about all the plants I bring home.  I bring home plants like stray animals and J will let out a groan that it's just one more plant that he'll have to try and keep alive.  I guess it's a good thing those plants really aren't stray little fuzzies.  

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