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When I bought my first pair of Danielle's at the Christmas Affair in 2010, I never imagined it would spark such an obsession with a particular brand.  But two years and 10 pieces later, the jewelry designer just keeps luring me back.  The Danielle is one of the designer's most popular pieces but people would always comment on how heavy they were.  Well folks, Kendra Scott listened and debuted what she calls the smaller sister to the Danielle in 12 colors.  While I wasn't there for the launch at this week's Girl's Night, I did manage to swing by the showroom yesterday to pick up a piece they graciously offered for an upcoming gala that I'm helping plan.

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Isn't it cute?  But that's just's just cute.  I don't think it looks as much of a statement piece as the Danielle does because I think the size of the Danielle is what made it such a wow piece.  With that being said, between the two, I think I'll be sticking to the Danielle.  I've already got two more pairs of Danielle's in mind.  

Speaking of statement pieces, check out this Reagan Cuff.

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How awesome is that?  It is one of the color bar items but I I fell in love with this silver and turquoise one that was on display at the color bar.  The joy of the color bar is that you can create your own colorful piece but I'm so bad at envisioning colors together which is why this solid color cuff appealed to me.  Plus, you can't live in Texas without at least one piece of Turquoise jewelry.  I may have to add this to my birthday wishlist.  

What's on your wishlist?  Maybe the Elle?  What do you think about the Elle?

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  1. I agree, the Elle looks a little wimpy. The Danielle does get heavy and may be why I don't wear them a lot. As far as turquoise goes, I refuse to wear it. Must be what growing up in TX does to a person, but not everyone ;)

    1. Michelle-Maybe we should go have lunch at HopDoddy and then you can help me choose colors for the bracelet since you have an eye for that kind of stuff. :-)



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