Review: Wu Boo!

I have been anxiously been waiting for my Jason Wu items since ordering them last Monday.  Today they finally arrived and immediately opened the plastic, white Target envelope to check out my new purchases.  I fell in love with the dresses as I pulled them out of the wrapping but my excitement soon turned to disappointment as I started trying on the items.

First up was the Printed Cycle Dress with Pearls, Sz 4

I like the print, however, the top part has a little extra fabric that makes it look like my boobs are down to my waist.  Either that or I've got a queso belly.  Neither of which are good.  So I think this one will be going back.

Next up was the oh so popular jersey dress in red/navy stripes, size XS.  I'm torn on this one.  I LOVE the print but as you can see the fit isn't very flattering.  From the front it looks fine but then I turn....and....BAM!  Shapeless.  When I've asked others whether I should keep it or take it back it's a 50/50 split.  Great.  So now I'm just as undecided as I was before asking for opinions.  

Since I'm all about working what my mama gave me or what Nathan gave me after carrying him around in my belllae for 9 months, yesterday's outfit was a bit more funky than the two very ladylike Wu dresses.  

Shirt, Dress: ON (similar here or here for a whopping $10!), Bootites

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