Review: Full TOMS review

So after being able to wear my TOMS to work yesterday I thought I'd right a full review of them.  Short synopsis is that it's a love hate relationship between me and these shoes.  I love the way the feel on my soles.  I love the way they look on my foot.  Love the color.  A major knock on TOMS in general is the huge label on the back but honestly, I forget that they're even there because I'm not the one looking at the back of my shoes and so it really doesn't bother me if it drives somebody else nuts.

Despite my love for these shoes, they do not seem to feel the same.  Out of the box they felt a little big but I decided to wear them to work yesterday but noticed that on my right foot that there was some rubbing on the top of my foot.  It was bearable and by the end of the day I had tiny sore there.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal and decided to wear them again today to run errands but after an hour of wearing them, the rubbing on that same spot made it hard to even walk around for an hour.  So we skeedaddled back home.  Hopefully the spot just needs some time to recover from the initial irritation and then it won't bother me again.  I'm holding out hope that they will change their mind and decide to play nice.

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