OOTD: Three Hour Tour

So since the Jason Wu shift dress was such a disappointment, I was determined to find a similar cut dress that actually looked decent on me. While out shopping with some friends on Sunday after a post race brunch, I found this dress at Ann Taylor Loft.  I think it fits the bill.


But despite it being the perfect replacement for the Wu dress I didn't get it.  Of course it wasn't long before Nathan and I ventured back to Loft to pick it up.  Thank goodness Loft has children's books next to the dressing area.  I wish more stores were as well equipped.  While I like the look and the stripe pattern of this outfit, I wish Loft had chosen a different accent color than yellow because I kind of feel like all that's missing is a captain's hat and I could be the Skipper from Gilligan's Island but other than that I like this dress.  However, I do have to say that the material snags like crazy.  I could feel my rings and watch pull on the material.  We'll see how long this dress stays looking this good before I've snagged it to pieces.

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