OOTD: Six Eyed Di

The other week I started to realize that I have been wearing the same pair of prescription glasses for a decade.  That and the fact that I've had three, yes THREE, minor fender benders in the last two months made me think that maybe it was time to look into getting new glasses.  I had been wanting to buy a pair of Warby Parker glasses since I heard about the company last year but couldn't decide which frames to get.  After thinking long and hard about it and having the in home try on was helpful, I finally picked the Thompson in Revolver Black.

Glasses, Cardigan, Skirt: JCrew, Pumps

Since it's been such a long time since I've worn glasses I've been wearing my new specs to get my eyes used to the new prescription.  Let me tell ya, the first few days with a new prescription feels like you're walking around after having a few strawberry margaritas.  

Here in Texas there are a few necessary things that should be part of everybody's wardrobe.  Flips flops and sunglasses are a must.  So why not get some prescription sunglasses?  I'll tell ya why.  I'm notorious for misplacing my cheapo sunglasses or breaking my cheapo sunglasses.  So if I lost or broke my expensive, prescription sunglasses I would be so upset. 

So I originally bought these last weekend.

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but they just didn't look like me.  So I went back and found these.  
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I'm sexy and I know it....*wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle*

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Now these are more like it!  So there you have it.  I'm Di Six Eyes.  But with these awesome glasses and sunglasses, I don't care.  

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