OOTD: It's a repeat kinda week

I haven't really felt very inspired to be creative with my outfits this week.  I seem to have used up all my creative outfit juices last week.  Monday must have been a fluke.  So today, I just grabbed one of my idiot proof outfits and walked out the door.  


This has been the week of skirts.  I highly doubt tomorrow will be much different.  I almost wonder if I should change my blog title to 365 of No Pants because I don't wear heels as much as I did in my pre-Nathan days.  As he gets heavier and harder to carry, the task of walking gets a little more difficult as well.  Plus doing a repeat outfit means I was able to get in a run after work as opposed to having to try and take a blurry outfit pic.  Oh and in case you're curious....OWWWWWWW.  First run after the half marathon last week and my knee is all sorts of messed up.  More on that another time.  Right now must make the most of tater's snooze time and go get some groceries.  Toodles!

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