Review: Lululemon taste on an Old Navy budget

Like my clothing purchases, trying to find athletic clothes that fit correctly is just as challenging.  Unlike regular clothes, it's not like I can just take my compression pants to the tailor to get hemmed.  I've also got a case of thunder thighs and most shorts ride up my thighs and disappear.  I know.  TMI but hey, it's something that happens to a lot of people.  Soooooo...I read a ton of reviews for the Lululemon running shorts and this summer I finally bit the bullet and bought a few pairs on sale.  After my first run in them I knew I was hooked.  So when cooler weather blew into Austin, I realized I didn't have any cold weather running gear.  I was tempted to buy Lululemon's Back on Track Tight

but still couldn't stomach the $98 price tag.  Well, while I was at Old Navy a few weeks ago looking for something to buy with one of my four Groupons, I found the Cropped Compression Leggings.  


They look pretty darn close if you ask me.  They have the reflective trim in the same places as the Lululemon Back on Track Tights and they even had the zipper pocket on back to carry a key or your ID.

They fit and they were a fraction of the price of the Back on Track Tights.  So I bought them and went on my way.  During my run that night I was very impressed with the way these tights held up.  They didn't ride up and they didn't give me a muffin top.  While they are described as a crop legging, they fit my 4'11" height perfectly with an inch of extra length.  I think they may be a little short for anybody taller.  For the price I think the Old Navy compression leggings are a good buy for the money.  

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