Review: Breaking Up

Is hard.  Whether it's with a boyfriend, a girlfriend and even a purse designer.  I Jason has bought me several Louis Vuitton bags over the years and last year we bought his mom one for Christmas because she's always said that before she died, she wanted to own a Louis and because she does so much for us and Nathan.  Oh the excitement!  Well fast forward to this past Christmas, we had no clue what to get her and so we went back to what we knew she loved.  Louis.  So November 26th, we took her to the store and had her pick out the bag she wanted.  The sales staff was uber friendly showing us all the bags.  She ended up choosing the Monogram Canvas Galleria PM.  We paid for it and went on our merry way.  Maybe it was sticker shock.  Maybe it was buyer's remorse but my mother-in-law had this nagging feeling that maybe she had picked the wrong bag.  For as much money as we spent for the Galleria, we wanted to make sure this was THE bag she wanted.  We were getting close to the expiration of our 30 day exchange period so my mother-in-law called 512-832-0327.  She spoke with a girl named "Ashley" who said that due to the holidays that the exchange period had been extended from 30 days to 45.  So we felt no rush to go to the store.  We went to the store on the last day of the 45 day period to double check the purse selection.  As we were looking, the sales girl came up to us and said that exchanges could only be 30 days after the purchase date.  My mother-in-law told the sales girl about the phone conversation she had with Ashley.  Then the sales associate informed us that there was nobody by the name of Ashley that worked at that location.  Which is when we realized that we had been patched through a call center.  The sales associate then went on to inform us that the 45 day exchange period only applied to purchases made in December a little piece of information that Ashley failed to mention to my mother-in-law.  The rude sales girl then told us that if anything they could let us exchange the purse for something of equal or greater value.  Fine.  We start looking around again.  She then says that she's sorry but we're past the exchange date.  Well which is it woman?!?!  Are you going to let us exchange it or not?  She then just kind of gave us a smirk as she said there was nothing she could do for us.  This is the last time I will be buying a purse from Louis Vuitton.  For such an expensive brand, they need to make sure that their call center and their stores have the same information.  I've had similar experiences with the call center saying one thing and the store saying another happen before.  As much as I love me a new Louis, I am sad to say that I think I will be looking elsewhere when I want a new purse. 


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