Be still my spastic heart....

So the month of February seems to be the month of launches.  Unless you have been living under a rock, TOMS released their highly anticipated ballet flats on February 1.  I was never a huge fan of their classic flats because they kind of just looked like clown shoes.  But then they released their wedge a few years ago and I was hooked.  They are super comfy and they were my go-to shoe during the spring and summer.  For some reason I'm not a fan of open toe shoes in the winter.  It's almost like you're trying to egg on mother nature to bring on colder weather.  Hmmmmm...maybe I should try that to get the temps to drop below 50.  So when I woke up on the February 1st, I went to my computer to take a looksey at the selection.  I fell in love with the Natalia Rose Linen flat.  I immediately ordered them.  Within a day I got shipment confirmation and today I finally got to slip these puppies on my footsies.


Aren't they purdy?  They're just as comfy as my wedges but holy cow are they big.  I read reviews that you should order a half size down.  So I ordered a size 5.5 but even the 5.5 are kind of big but not to the point of flopping off big.  I am a little curious as to whether or not they will stretch like the classic flats.  These make my feet look uber tiny and dainty which is hard to do with my super wide and flat feet.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'v never been a huge fan of ballet flats because I always feel frumpy and dumpy in them but for some reason these don't make me feel that way.  So any ballet flat that doesn't make me feel like a lolipop kid is a keeper.  Can't wait to wear them!

Anyway, as far as my outfit for today, the boss is out of town on vacay so I decided to just keep the outfit casual.

Cardigan:  GAP, Shirt:  Old Navy, Lola Skinny Jeans, Intyce Boots

Days of Not Shopping:  1

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