OOTD: Jailhouse rock

On my way home last night I popped into Old Navy to use a Groupon that expires today.  I had seen this dress on the sale rack for the last month but looking at it on the hanger, I figured it was way too long even if the tag said it was an extra small but  I decided to try it on for shits and giggles.  Well what do you know.  The dang thing fit.  Shows a little too much cleavage which can be fixed with a tank top underneath but lengthwise, it fit.  So figuring it was fate, I went ahead and bought it and it'll be a great piece to wear during the horrid, hot days that are a coming.

Dress:  ON (similar here), Cardigan:  Target, Report Rebecca Flats (similar here)

 When I bought this dress, I immediately thought about this outfit by Kendi.

Which made me realize that I don't have a single black blazer in my whole collection of coats and blazers.  Need to get on that ASAP. And I thought that despite not having that blazer I did an 'OK' job styling this dress.   That was until I got to work and the one guy in the office pointed that I looked more like this guy.

Hmmmmm...I wonder how I'd look with an eye mask on and if anybody would know it's me?  Of course if I wore wore one it would have to have sparkles of some sort on it.  

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