New Year's Resolutions

Soooo...I had planned on posting this Tuesday night but my evening had other plans and I ended up getting into a wreck.  More of a fender bender really.  I'm fine.  Nathan wasn't with me and the other driver and her little girl are fine.  So as you can imagine, I wasn't up for doing anything that night.  So here's my late list of New Year's resolutions.   I'll be lucky if I can keep up with the list for a month.  So we'll see.

They say that you are what you eat and if that were true, Nathan would be a walking french fry.  So to try and ensure he has a healthier diet, I'm resolving to try and cook at home more.  We usually get fast food for most meals because it's just so dang convenient, I suck at cooking and our oven sucks.  Before Christmas, I signed up for a bi-weekly delivery service of fresh, organic, local produce from Farmhouse Delivery.

I have already been scouring the interwebs to try and find yummy recipes to best showcase the flavors of the produce.  Thank goodness for Pinterest.   I don't know how I would have ever found half of the recipes without that website.  My goal is to cook dinner at home 3 days a week and once during the weekend.  My cooking may not be anything Gordon Ramsey would want to serve at his restaurants but  it's has to be better than the processed crud we've been eating.

I'm a runner.  I can't stand indoor workouts unless it's absolutely freezing outside.  For the last few years, I've wanted to run a half marathon.  I actually signed up for one that is in February but my foot has been acting up despite having custom made arch supports for my funky dorey feet.  I was out for a run back in October and after finishing about 3 miles it started hurting.  I haven't really had an ache free workout since.  I have been trying to run during lunch but have only managed one run a week.  Hopefully I can start getting into a groove with my lunchtime runs and maybe by the end of the year I will hopefully be able to run a half.  So help me...I will run a half before I die dangit.  

Since I'm talking about running, I'll just add exercising in general to the list.  Nathan is now 21 months old and you would think I'd be able to better manage my time to try and fit in more workouts by now.  Sadly, it's been harder than I thought to try and workout because all I want to do when he gets home is play, play and play.  The little guy doesn't usually get to bed until at least 11 or later which leaves me exhausted and ready to go to bed myself.  Soooooo...I dusted off my 30 Day Shred and I did a workout last night while Nathan took a nap.  No wonder he didn't go to sleep until midnight.  YIKES!  I always start workout dvds with hope that I'll make it through the whole program but then I get so bored of the repetitiveness of doing them every day.  Hopefully I can finish the dvd, move onto another one and learn to like indoor workouts for the days I can't fit in a run during lunch or make it to the gym.  

I hope to make some headway in trying to maintain a clean(er) house.  Growing up my mom was the queen of clean.  So how I turned into a slob is beyond me.  More than anything it's all the clutter we collect that makes our house look so messy. That and the fact that it looks like we're opening a toy store.  My mother-in-law has been teaching Nathan to help her pick up his toys at her house but we have failed to continue that at home.  So hopefully he can help with that little chore.  Having his toys put away makes a huge difference in our living room looking lived in versus looking like a hurricane went through it.

I started thinking the other day, that I would like to be more productive period on the weekends.  I know.  A weird resolution but as long as I (and J) can remember, I have always lacked energy and would take naps on the weekends.  So when Nathan takes his 3 hour napathons on the weekends, I would happily climb into bed and snooze with him.  But then I feel guilty about all the stuff I could be getting done or the conversations I could be having with J if I actually stayed awake.  Poor J.  He always looks so sad when Nathan and I disappear into the bedroom.  So...the gameplan is I need to slowly decrease my napping time until I no longer need them.  Monday I actually only slept for two hours instead of my normal three and then got up and made some chop chae.  YUM.  Hey it's a start.

So there ya have it.  Those are just a few of the things that I hope to achieve this year.  I'm sure there's more but I won't bore with those.  Plus right now I'm in a bit of a haze that I can't really think straight.  Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

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