New Year's Resolution Progress: Week 4

Well this week I haven't stuck with the cooking as well as I would have liked.  Due to Nathan's lack of napping at Nana's, I've spent most nights this past week over at her house to spend some time with Nathan before we have to head home and the sound of his snoring can be heard from the backseat.

While Nathan slept through the nights this week, I was able to go for some runs.  I've finally figured out a nice pace and was able to stick with it for my runs as opposed to my constant speeding up and slowing down that my old runs used to consist of.  Since I have managed to figure out my pace, I was able to breeze through a 4.5 mile run on Tuesday and then a 5.5 mile run on Wednesday.  Tonight I ran 6.5 miles.
  A stupid part of me kind of hopes that I can still run the Austin Half Marathon on February 18th that I signed up for months ago.  The practical side of me says that trying to attempt the half marathon is madness because any runner will tell ya that increasing distance more than a tenth of your current distance can result in injuries.  Then the cheapo in me says I already paid for it.  So basically I still haven't made up my mind on if I'm going to be crazy enough to do it or not.  If anything I guess I could at least run the distance that I've already done so far and not completely throw away my hard earned moola.

So this weekend I was going to be good and not do any shopping.  I had put Nathan to bed and was all dressed and ready to do my 7 mile run yesterday but dear friend Katie texted me to see if I wanted to get together with her for drinks and some shopping.  Ummmm...drinks?  Shopping?  I would have to be crazy not to go hang out with her.  I had just put Nathan to bed after all.  So we ate, drank and shopped.  We went to Zara and what a sale but I didn't really see anything that I absolutely had to have.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.  Then we went onto JCrew.  Ever since discovering the No. 2 Pencil skirt, thanks to Veronika, I've become slightly obsessed with JCrew.  Well, a few weeks ago my mother-in-law and I were browsing through JCrew and I saw the McAllister Shearling Boots in my size, in the sale section.

Source: via Diana on Pinterest

While they may not be everybody's cup of tea for footwear, I was drawn to them because of the comfy wedge and the fuzzy lining.  I'm always cold so I'm a sucker for anything will keep me nice and toasty.  On top of that, I was with my enabling mother-in-law who kept trying to convince me to buy them.  But even at 40% off they were still a little more than I wanted to spend for a pair of booties that I'd only be able to wear for probably two more weeks here in the short winter state.  So I passed on them.  Two weeks ago I went back to the same store and just moseyed over to the sale section to find that these booties were still there.  Still unable to stomach the price I went on home after buying my mother-in-law a shirt she had wanted.  Well, last night I finally told myself that if they were still there last night that it was fate and they were meant to be mine.  At first I quickly hustled on over to where they had been before to find them gone.  So I kind of shrugged my shoulders and moseyed on over to the rest of the sale section.  They hadn't been sold.  They had just been moved!  And they were on sale for 50% off this time.  So I went ahead and bought them.

So today Jason went and washed his car at his buddy's house and Nathan and I headed to the park and to run some errands exchange some stuff.  A perfect day to break in the new booties.  


Whoa.  A weekend outfit of the day.  Maybe I can manage to take them more often.  Since ya know, I'm trying to be more productive while Nathan naps.  We'll see.

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