New Year's Resolution Progress: Week 2

So I figured to hold myself accountable to my New Year's resolutions I should blog my progress.  My ADD has migrated to my blog.  Lord help us.

So this last week:  

I managed to get run three days this past week and did 30 Day Shred twice.  I think I need to move onto the next level because doing level one multiple days in a row is kind of driving me crazy.

I also managed to cook a few times this week.
I attempted to make Caldo de Res with the cabbage I got from my veggie bushel from Farmhouse Delivery.  I'm a sucker for soups and discovered this one at the little Mexican dive by my office and order it all the time.  While this was a good alternative when I'm nowhere near my office, it can't beat the authentic stuff from the restaurant.


The simpler meal I made was just a salad using some lettuce, carrots, radishes and AVOCADO that I got in this week's bushel from Farmhouse and then made a simple lemon and olive oil dressing.  Delish.  It really is true that organic produce tastes fresher and more vibrant than what you can get at the store. 

For dessert one night I decided to try this grapefruit poundcake from Cooking Light with the grapefruit that was in my weekly delivery.  It came out okay but I wish I had the powdered sugar to make the frosting.  Although I think it would have tasted yummy with a cream cheese frosting as well.  

My attempts to try and get Nathan to eat healthier is a huge fail.  I tried to make oven baked blueberry and banana oatmeal.  All things that he loves.  He only picked out the blueberries.  Leaving the rest of the oatmeal for me to eat.  Not that I was complaining because it was yummo.  He's crazypants for not wanting to eat it.  Oh well, hopefully tomorrow's breakfast endeavor will be a little more successful when I try and trick him with sweet potato pancakes, that also came from the farm.  

My house looks somewhat like a normal house this week because my mother-in-law came to watch Nathan at our house because my father-in-law came down with something.  So when Nathan would get into a zone with a toy, she would tidy up our house.  She's heaven sent.  Because good word my house was a disaster.  The clutter is starting to creep back in.  Must try and get it back under control.  Thank goodness I have an extra day off this weekend to get that done.  

Anyway, stay tuned for next week's progress report.  I've got lots o' yummy recipes that I hope to try out and will hopefully be able to photograph.  Toodles!

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