New Year's Resolutions meet Kryptonite

In one fail swoop I may completely derail my New Year's resolutions.  How you ask?  Three words.  Girl...Scout...Cookies.  Thin mints to be exact.  It was brought to my attention last week that those cute little girls in green were starting their selling season.  They pick the perfect time to unleash their yummy treats half way through January when they know wills are weak due to people sustaining themselves on grapefruits and diet shakes.  Not that I was trying to lose weight but I was trying to eat better and cook at home more.  But since Thursday, my dinners have consisted of thin mints.  Talk about setting a bad example for Nathan to eat healthy.  By day two, he already knew that he liked the cookies.  I handed him a box of cookies after buying them and he proceeded to his room at Casa de Nana's to eat them.  Only problem is he couldn't quite figure out how to open the box.  And let me tell ya.  The kiddo has magically figured out how to say "C" as he tries to shout out COOKIE.  Thank goodness they started selling them at the end of last week because I did manage to cook a few things.

Monday was Martin Luther King Day and so I was able to stay home and veg with Nathan.  I attempted to make him some sweet potato pancakes but he now hates them because I tried to force him to eat sweet potatoes.  Yeah yeah.  Bad idea.  He now shrieks at the mere mention of sweet potatoes.  No picture because they turned out kind of burnt.  Maybe that had soemthing to do with why he didn't want to eat them.  Could be.

I also made this yummy quinoa, kale and butternut squash salad.


The recipe had instructions for a dressing but it was so yummy I didn't even need it and it was so easy to make.  I think that's about it as far as cooking goes.  Nothing super exciting.

I did manage to go running three times last week.  One of which was with Nathan and my father-in-law.  Never fails though.  We had a week full of nice sunny weather and the day I decide to take Nathan with me for a run, he's got icicles hanging out of his nose by the time we are done.  Poor little guy.  He made it even more apparent that he was freezing when he started rubbing his little hands together to warm them up.  Yep.  Mother of the year award right here folks.  Tonight I also managed to run 4.5 miles tonight and felt like I could have run even farther but I figured that if I pushed my luck I would probably roll my ankle which I am prone to do.

All this trying to workout and cooking food at home has taken hasn't left me a whole lot of time to take pictures of my outfits but I did make sure to take a picture of yesterday's outfit because I loved it.  Nothing like pink and flowers to make a girl feel girly.

Shirt:  Jcrew, Skirt:  Jcrew, Pumps:  Pearce pumps 

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