OOTD: Presto Change-o

Today was a very hectic day so you'll have to excuse my craptastic iPhone photo taking skills.  Plus the battery on the Nikon died and didn't want to take any more of my outfit pictures.  I guess it was for the best because I needed to get out the door because we were going to dinner with my in-laws to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.

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Top:  Express, Skirt:  Vintage from the mother-in-law, Pumps:  White House Black Market

The story behind the skirt is a long, long time ago...my mother-in-law was trying to sort through stuff in her garage and we came across a box of some of her old clothes and I thought it had potential.  So after a quick trip to the tailer I had a new skirt.

This is a close up of the pattern.  
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Since it does kind of look like something you'd see on an 80s sport coat, it was imperative that I pair it with something to kind of give it some flair.  So I paired it with this silky top from Express and the satin peep toes that I got at the White House Black Market Outlet.

I didn't feel like wearing the skirt to dinner.  Wrangling Nathan in heels is a cinch.  Trying to chase  Nathan around in a skirt is never a pretty sight.  So I went home and threw on some skinny jeans and presto a whole different look but with pieces that I wore earlier today.  

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Notice that I don't have the bags under my eyes today?  That would be because I actually managed to get Nathan to sleep by 10:30 last night and got 9 glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and we can get to bed before 1am again tonight.  I'll let ya'll know tomorrow.  Sweet dreams!

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