OOTD: The Bad, the good and me

Do you ever watch a western movie and notice the good guys are always wearing the white cowboy hats and the bad guys are  usually wearing a black cowboy hat?  No?  Well maybe it's all in my head.  Quite possible now that I think about it.  And what does that mean for the guy in the brown hat?  Are they Switzerland?  Ehhhh...who knows.  Anyway, as I've mentioned in previous posts, eons and eons ago, I work out in the country.  My boss wears a button up shirt, jeans and boots EVERY DAY.  No cowboy hat though but I'll say he's in good cowboy or bad cowboy mode based on the color shirt he's wearing.  So...today I am in my bad cowgirl black button up.  In a skirt.   And heels.

Shirt:  Express, Skirt:  Banana Republic Outlet, Shoes:  Guess from Ross

You'll have to pardon my crummy picture.  The battery on my camera died again.  Who would have ever thought a color could be associated with a movie genre?

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