I'm not dead

Despite my lack of posting this week, I am indeed still alive.  A busy weekend and 1AM bedtimes have left me feeling like a zombie these days.  Plus, my winter wardrobe is a bit...boring?  So there hasn't been a whole lot of stuff to post really.  This week's outfits

Sweater:  Target, Jeans:  Banana Republic Outlet, Leopard Flats:  Target
Monday I started off the week looking a bit blah and uninspired.  

Cardigan:  Target, Dress:  Max and Cleo, Belt:  Forever 21, Tights:  Target, Boots:  Steve Madden 'Intyce'
Tuesday I tried to winterize one of my favorite summer dresses by throwing a cardigan over it and wearing my boots.  Not sure if I"m digging the outfit but my dislike of the outfit might be the fact that the dress wrinkles as soon as I put it on.  Major PITA.  Not to mention that it feels like it's a bit too long on me.  Must get it hemmed when the weather warms up.  

Wednesday, I didn't get a chance to take a picture because somebody's 1AM bedtime caught up with him and he decided he needed a three hour napathon.  

Sweater:  Target, Jeans:  KUT, Boots:  Civico 10
Today I am back to the blah that I started the week off in.  I'm looking quite hippy today in my skinny jeans.  

Tomorrow I might just give up and come to work in sweatpants.  We'll see.  

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