Christmas Recap, Part 3

Good word.  It feels like my Christmas recaps will never end but I assure you readers, that this is the last recap post.

After 90 days in the hospital, my grandmother passed away last week.  As sad as I am, I am just very thankful that we were able to go visit her and help her celebrate her 100th birthday with her.  More importantly, I am glad that she was able to meet Nathan.  She leaves behind one son, four stepkids, seven grandkids and seven great grand kiddos.  She will be greatly missed.  As my uncle said:

"Her spirit and force of will was so much greater than the physical body containing it.  In the end, even the bravest warrior must retire from battle."

Well said.  So as I type, the "grown-ups" are in Seattle handling grandma's final affairs and us "kids" were told it wasn't necessary to go to the funeral.  We helped celebrate her incredible life and I don't feel any sadness.

So after my grandma's passing, we felt it was that much more important to make the trek to Waco to visit Jason's granny.  It's been a while since granny had seen Nathan and wow was she surprised by how much he's changed.  Kiddos have a way of doing that.

Here are just a few pictures from the trip.




All I can say is wow.  Look how different he looks now from the last time we visited granny.  Craziness.  So there you have it folks.  Now time to start planning our New Year's Eve.  

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