Christmas Recap, Part 2: My Christmas Haul

I must have been on the good list this year because Nathan wasn't the only one that got some awesome presents.  

I got suckered into the Pandora like charm bracelets and bought Brighton's ABC bracelet after Nathan was born. For the last two years, I've been getting beads and charms that remind me of him.  So for Christmas my mother-in-law bought me this snow globe charm for Christmas because before we had Nathan, Jason and I had bought a Noah's Ark snow globe that we planned to put in our baby's room when that day came.  Well, then along came Nathan and as planned, we put the snow globe in his room.  Since he keeps getting taller and is able to reach it, we've had to move it to higher ledges but he'll point at it until we bring it down.  We'll sit on the floor and he'll watch the glitter fall in the globe as 'It's a Small World" softly plays and I sit there watching him.  I know.  I'm totally the sappy mom.  


Another sappy mom gift was this picture frame from the mother-in-law.  She said that as soon as she saw this frame she knew she had to buy it for me because I always call Nathan my little man.   Obviously that's not my little man or my husband but I have the perfect picture to put in it.  


Jason never fails to amaze me with his gift giving skills.  I've had my eye on this Michael Kors watch for a while now.  I loved the simplicity of my previous Michael Kors watch but the links were kind of wide and it just drove me crazy at how easily they scuffed and how visible those scuffs were.  So these links are a little thinner.  Hopefully I don't have the same issues and this one lasts a little longer.  


Speaking of Pandora...I thought it was odd that Jason bought me a Pandora jewelry box when I don't own a piece of Pandora jewelry but then when I opened it I found this inside.



I love it and it's nothing like I have.  It reminds me of a Michael Dawkins ring that my mother-in-law has and I've been eyeing it ever since she bought it but the Dawkins ring has a huge stone in the middle that I think would look very strange on my small fingers.  So when I saw this ring, I thought it would be a perfect alternative to the Dawkins ring.  I love the look of the beading and the twisting layers.  


Every year I am stumped on what to get my parents and they are always equally stumped on what to get me.  This year I made it easy for them and asked for a Bed Bath and Beyond giftcard so I can organize my makeup Veronika style as well as finish up organizing Nathan's toddler room.  So hopefully I'll be able to get organized before the start of the New Year.  No better way to start a new year than to feel organized.  Do ya'll have any fun plans for New Year's? 

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