OOTD: Lady lace

So most times I can put together an outfit or two on my own but I stalk several fashion blogs that help me rework some of my older pieces or heck just make me lust after the pieces they have.  So it was no surprise that when I saw this on Veronika's blog that I had to try and replicate it.  By the time I discovered her post, the top had long been sold out online.  So I put the idea in the back of my head and went on about my life.  Until one Sunday night, while Nathan and I made a milk run to Target, I spotted this top and quickly threw it in my cart.

Photobucket Lace top:  Target, Cami:  Old Navy, Pants:  Banana Republic, Shoes:  Ivanka Trump

I'm a sucker for lace.  There's nothing that makes me feel more girly than a lacy dress.  But other than for the lace, it's not something I would buy.  It's kind of short and it's kind of loose which could result in me looking like I'm wearing a lace potato sack.   But since I'm trying to step outside my little fashion box I figured I'd give it a try.  Not to say that it may or may not have sat on my ironing board for a week before I finally decided to rip the tags off and wear it today.  I'm glad that I ended up keeping it and am sure it'll showing up in more outfits.  Anyway, off to bed.  Nathan decided he wanted to wake up at 3:30 this morning and so I fed him dinner since he slept through it last night and then let him burn off some energy before he finally settled back into bed.  Night, night.  Sleep tight.  Don't let the bedbugs bite.

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