OOTD: Snap and Run

So this was yesterday's outfit. I was getting ready to go for my first and probably only run of the week and was all ready to go when I remembered that I forgot to take a picture of my outfit. So I quickly threw the outfit back on just for ya'll.

Blazer: Gap Outlet (was present from the mother-in-law)
Sweater: Target
Skinnies: KUT
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce

What amI staring at? The scuffs on my boots. I think I got 5 new ones yesterday. It's hard enough to get a pair of shoes to last 6 months but I'm surprised these have made it 1 with as easily as they scuff.

Anyway, I think I should have just kept my happy butt at home last night because I just don't think the run was meant to be. I realized that due to getting a new phone that my iTunes playlist hadn't completely restored onto my new phone. No biggie. I'll just sync it to the Mac and it'll be gravy. Well for some reason my once full playlist, stared blankly back at me. My playlist was gone. Grrrrr. So I had to try and rebuild the dang thing real quick and then ran out the door to try and make it to the in-laws before it got dark. The run was great until about two miles. The arch of my left foot started hurting. By about mile 4 I was in some serious pain and by the time I reached the in-laws house I was lurching. I guess that's what I get for trying to run 4.5 miles after a week of no running. This morning it still hurts and I'm wondering if I pulled something in the arch of my foot. I didn't even know you could pull something down there.

So I think I will be trying to take it easy this weekend. Maybe even apologize to my foot with a much needed pedicure. Old Navy also has a 30% discount that is valid in store and online so I might go and get me some new Rockstar Jean Leggings because they do slide into my boots a little easier than even these KUT skinnies and they don't bunch over my boots. The bunching drives me crazy.

What does everybody else have planned for the weekend?

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