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So when I said I loved my maxi skirt, I was not kidding.  I wore it most of the weekend (AGAIN) and wore it today for work because well because what better way to start the week than in a comfy maxi skirt?
Shirt:  Banana Republic Outlet, Skirt:  Target, Belt:  Target, Shoes:  Penny Loves Kenny 'Treasure' flat

I did make it look work appropriate with a button up shirt and a belt.  I'm not feeling the particular shoes I picked.  Next time I think I'll wear my leopard print wedges to give me some  height.  This outfit made it a little easier to ease myself back into the work week.

Plus I kind of found this same outfit on Pinterest which makes it much easier to put together outfits with the things I have in my closet.

Source: fabsugar.com via Diana on Pinterest

I will say that I"m a bit disappointed in the quality of my maxi skirt.  Items from Target can be hit or miss sometimes as far as the durability and this skirt is already pilling pretty bad.  It looks like I've been wearing it all summer.  So I think I may spend a little more moola for one that will hopefully last a bit longer.

Anyway, now I'm off to re-enact the ball pit scene from the Big Bang Theory in the ball pit behind me in the picture.  Bazinga!

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