OOTD: Oldie, meet the newbie

I bought this dress on sale last year almost immediately after I had Nathan and when I was trying to reclaim my closet from the dreaded maternity wardrobe.

Cardigan:  JCrew Outlet
Dress:  Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes:  Famous Footwear?  Can't remember

 I love it.  As time's passed, it now fits perfectly.  Whereas when I bought it was a tinee bit tight and almost indecent.  With the cooler weather blowing in recently and temps expected to be in the 60s tomorrow, I decided to try and get one more wear out of it for the year.  So I threw on this purple cardigan that I bought during my shopping excursion to the San Marcos outlets with Jenny.  I'm trying to incorporate more cardigans into my wardrobe this year.  

Speaking of newbies...

I bought a few things during the Kate Spade Surprise Sale last week.  

The Knightsbridge Shayla in Goose 

Well because you know I can't resist a cute purse.  And the little bow on it is to die for.  It's so much cuter in person.  I'm not sure what to think about the color.  It's not quite gray but it's not quite beige.  I suppose it's a greige.  

I also bought...

The Wellsley Stacy.  

The wallet was a more practical purchase than the purse.  In my quest to carry less around, this is much smaller and thinner than my old Coach wallet.  Plus, the Coach wallet was starting to look a bit warn because Nathan has decided that it makes a great chew toy.  I love the color of my new wallet.  It makes me forget that I'm about to freeze my tookis off for the next few days.

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