OOTD: Back to the daily grind

Cardigan:  Mossimo Extra Soft Cardigan, Button Up:  Banana Republic, Skirt:  Express, Boots:  Steve Madden Intyce

To say I wasn't excited that it was Monday and back to work was an understatement.

Especially since J and Nathan got an extra day off today and the two of them slept in until 10:50 this morning.  Lucky ducks.  Nathan must have known it was vacation time because he didn't go to bed until midnight or LATER most nights last week.  Luckily tonight I think he realized he needed to get to bed early because he'll be going to Casa de Nana's bright and early tomorrow.  It took a few trips around the block but I finally heard light snoring from the backseat at 8:30.  Success!

While we were all on vacation Nathan decided he wanted to show us how good he is at scaling the bed.

Photobucket Photobucket
Oh hi there!  

As you can see, he thinks this is lots of fun.  Us...not so much.  I wonder what he'll find funny next week.  Hopefully it has nothing to do with furniture.  

Other than that, we had a very low key Turkey Day.  We didn't even eat turkey.  Instead, we went to Pluckers, the Mecca of buffalo wing lovers, to watch the Texas and Texas A&M game.  Who needs turkey when you have wings, football and beerz?  Exactly.  Hopefully everybody had an awesome Thanksgiving and we can all survive the rest of this week.  One day down, four more to go.  It just gets easier from here right?

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