Late nights...

You'll have to excuse the craptastic lighting and the weird angle of the photo.
Cardigan: JCrew Outlet
Dress: Local Boutique
Tights: Assets from Target
Booties: Target

Time slipped away from us again and after running errands and putting Nathan to sleep it was already dark. As for the weird angle of the picture, I was clicking away while Nathan was sleeping in the bed to my left and he was starting to stir. He's still asleep right now after another no nap day at nana's. Thank goodness those days aren't as regular as they were last month. I guess the trip to Seattle affected him more than I thought. When I chose this outfit this morning, I needed something semi-loose because I gained like 5 pounds from the mass amounts of candy I ate just at my in-laws house. Then once we got home from trick-or-treat I couldn't give Nathan the candy without inspecting it all first and making sure that it was safe for mini-me consumption. Maybe I should have worn all black because you know...they say that black is slimming. I'll have to keep that in mind after I eat copious amounts of turkey on Thanksgiving.

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