It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (picture heavy!)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow but that didn't stop me from doing some Christmas shopping this past weekend.  My friend Mindy and I ventured down to The Palmer Events Center for the Junior League's Christmas Affair.  As years past, it did not disappoint!  I was almost tempted to skip it this year, thinking it would be full of high priced items that I wouldn't want to pay the money for but I was pleasantly surprised.  While most of the items were still kind of pricey, I managed to check two people off my Christmas list.  I can't wait for them to open them at Christmas.

After FIVE hours of shopping, I left the Christmas Affair without a single purchase for myself.  So that means I am one day away from my last shopping freeze record of 17 days.  I think I may actually be able to make it a full 30 days.   Whoa.  We'll see.

I am currently obsessed with trying to transform N's room from a nursery into a toddler room in an effort to reclaim our living room.  More on that to come.

Then Sunday, N and I met up with our friends Nicole (my friend) and McKenzie (N's friend) and we all trekked downtown to the Austin Children's Museum.  I love that place.  I learn something new about that place every time we go there.  When we got there, we were very excited to discover that the exhibit was all about dinosaurs.  N has been very interested in dinosaurs these days so he was running around the museum like a crazy person checking out all the dinos.  I think he liked it.

 I think he was trying to 
feed the Triceratops. 

The kids loved playing with the giant Light Bright

                      N liked playing with the trains                                            McKenzie liked posing for the camera

Thank goodness for three day work weeks because I need some rest after this busy weekend.  Can't wait to just be able to veg at home with the boys.  Since it is a three day week I'm kind of slacking on my outfit posts because I usually just roll out of bed and throw something on and the outfits this week have mostly been repeats anyway.  What are ya'll doing for Thanksgiving?  Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Hope you are able to spend it with the ones you love.  

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