Halloween Recap

 So before I give a Halloween recap, I'll just go ahead and get the OOTD out of the way. This is what I wore yesterday before we went out for some Halloween fun.

Shirt: Francesca's (It's actually a dress)
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

I bought the top (dress) to wear to an Austin Fashion Week event at my friend's salon. I loved the dress but knew that it was a tad bit on the short side to ever wear to work and it had sadly hung in my closet. So I figured I'd wear it under a skirt and it would be my little secret. Well, until I tell you of course. After wearing this outfit for a day, I think I actually prefer wearing a dress under a skirt because I have the hardest time getting shirts to stay tucked in. At least this way it makes the illusion of a tucked in shirt much easier to achieve. I love the lace and have been trying to find a similar top, that won't completely break the bank, but haven't had any luck. So this'll have to do for now. There ya have it folks.

Movin' onto the important stuff. What was Nathan for Halloween? Well, since I tortured the little guy last year by making him wear this:


I let Jason pick the costume this year. It was kind of hard to find something that would top the cuteness of last year's costume but we finally narrowed the choices down to Yoda or Charlie Brown. Although, I told Jason that I thought Nathan looked more like Linus than Charlie Brown.

Luckily we had a friend who let us borrow their Yoda outfit from last year and it fit Nathan perfectly. All we needed was a light saber and instant costume. There was just one tinee tiny problem. Nathan's nogin was too big to fit the Yoda "head' that came with the costume. So instead of being Yoda, we had to settle on Nathan just being a Jedi Knight even thought he was going to be
carrying dragging around Yoda's light saber. Me not being fully educated in light saber identification thought it was no big deal. Wrong. It was a biggie and Jason was a little bummed but he perked up when he saw how cool some of the pictures turned out of Nathan with the light saber. Let me tell ya. Trying to get Nathan to keep that costume on was like parting the Red Sea. I attempted to try and put the outfit on him five times and every time, he pulled it off. How did he do that? I wonder if he could do that at bathtime. It would make life so much easier. I finally resorted to bribing my child with M&Ms to get him to keep the costume on. I stuck out my hand with a nice, shiny M&M and he quickly fell into my trap. While he happily munched away, I swiftly threw the Jedi robe over his head before he even knew what was going on. Success.


We only managed to get a few pictures of Nathan and the light saber in the same picture because Nathan wasn't fond of carrying around a glowing stick that was twice his size.
Plus he was too busy trying to get away from us to ditch the outfit. 

After we took pictures at the in-laws house, we loaded up and headed to the Luton house to do some trick or treating. It was a lot of fun even though Nathan was more interested in the cars and trash cans. By house number four, he had had enough. He turned around as we were walking up to a house, looked up at me, and reached his arms up for me to carry him. I wasn't complaining. I love my koala hugs from the little guy and we made our way back to Luton's house to help hand out more candy before we finally called it a night and came home.

Oh yeah and he was kind of wanting to get back to hanging with this guy


Halloween was definitely different this year than it was last year. For one, Nathan is very mobile this year and curious about everything and everybody. Unless that somebody or something is scary. He only likes happy things. Which is why he chose a happy design for our Jack-o-Lantern.


 Until he decided to try and fight the jack-o-lantern and the the jack-o-lantern won. Poor guy didn't stand a chance.

Hopefully he'll have better luck next year and we're hoping that he'll like Halloween as much as his old folks do. We'll see!

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