The Witch and her wardrobe

As usual, this weekend flew by as quick as weekends past but this weekend my in-laws offered to watch Nathan while we went and interacted with other adults at my friend Megan's Halloween party.


There weren't too many humans at the party except for a nurse and a doctor. I went as a witch and Jason went as Freddy Kruger for a second year. Ehhhh...why get a new costume if you get rave reviews from an old one? And the glove is "vintage". J's had that thing since 5th grade even though at the time, his dear mom wouldn't let him watch the move but Jason just knew he had to be Freddy Kruger.


Is it sad that I managed to put my whole costume together with stuff I already happened to have in my closet? The tights don't usually make it into my normal wardrobe rotation but I may have to rethink that. Ha. This was towards the end of the night and I may or may not have been drunk. Scary thing I had only had two drinks at this point but those two drinks were enough to result in me passing out once I got home. No I don't mean pass out and go to sleep. I literally blacked out and woke up 45 seconds later to find Jason frantically shaking me. Apparently, I fell over and hit my head on the bedframe and he was sure I had broken my neck. Talk about giving a man a heart attack. So despite having a very dramatic night, I managed to come out unscathed.

Today, we rejoined the living. Nathan and I attended our friend, Calvin's, 4th birthday party at Lifetime Fitness. I've got to say that their staff is great with the kids and even though Nathan couldn't participate in some of the older kid activities, he had a ton of fun just running around the open, rented, gym. It was perfect. No bugs, no hills, no dips to worry about him getting into and the best part was he was completely contained and couldn't run away. That is unless somebody entered or exited the gym but he didn't ever seem to notice.

While most of the weekend was fun, I did have to make two separate trips to the Apple Store in the Domain this weekend because the microphone on my iPhone went kaputz. On top of that, my phone was getting some major interference and all I could hear was static every time I answered or tried to call anybody. So I probably spent a good 3 hours of my weekend sitting at the genius bar, waiting to hear the diagnosis on my poor phone. Well since I had to wait. Even waiting at the Apple Store couldn't stop me from shopping. I ended buying a new Kate Spade phone case. It's totally me. I've been on the hunt for a polka dot shirt but haven't had any luck so I've given up and just opted for a polka dot phone case.



This was on the inside of the case. It's a hidden little surprise within the case. Love!

So finally, after what felt like eternity, they determined I needed a new phone. That little microphone glitch cost me $150 to replace the phone. Just think of the shoes I could have bought with that money. Le sigh.

Here's what I wore today.

Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Target
Sandals: Target

It looks like a maxi dress but it's actually a maxi skirt. Yeah...either maxi skirts are too long or I'm just too dang short. Target's maxi style items are notoriously too long for me. If I were to get one of their maxi dresses, it would be three feet too long for me. So I wasn't horribly surprised when I realized this skirt could double as a dress. I do have plans to use it as a skirt in the near future.

Well folks...tomorrow is Halloween and we have lots of plans. So I'm off to hopefully get some rest to keep up with Nathan tomorrow night.

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