Weekend recap and outfits

What a difference an extra day off makes. It's sadly Monday again already and I just feel so much more frazzled than I did after last week's three day weekend. So as usual, we crammed a ton of things into the regular two day weekend. At least it felt that way even though we really didn't do a whole heck of a lot. So back to the daily grind.

Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet

Saturday we met up with my friend Jennifer, Chris and their little boy, Bennett, for story time at Barnes and Noble. Only thing is, Nathan didn't sit down for story time. Instead we spent story time running around the store and playing with all the toys in the toy aisle. How did I not know that Barnes and Noble had a toy aisle?!?! That's awesome because we can go there and look for books or magazines and then mosey on over to the toy aisle. Nathan showed some interest in story time at the very end when it was craft time and he got his hands on a glue stick. Oh boy.

After story time we went to my all time favorite weekend restaurant, Taco Deli. It's our weekend place because we can never make it there on the weekday because it's always packed and they close at 4. I always get the Heather's tacos which is lettuce, tomato, refried black beans and a big ole slab of seared cheese. I have no idea why kind but all I know is it's Yumm-o.

On the weekends, I'm not nearly as put together as I am during the week. It's usually all about comfort and being practical since the weekends involve a lot of time on the floor playing with Nathan or chasing Nathan (or being chased by Nathan) out of someplace that he shouldn't be. Some days I am lucky if I manage to get a shower before we start our weekend activities which is evidenced by this photo. I don't pull off the three day old, unwashed hair look very well but I was out of my dry shampoo so maybe that had something to do with it. Ewwwwww....

Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Jeans: KUT From the Kloth
Shoes: Report 'Rebecca' Flat

Saturday night, after Nathan had a 4 hour snooze-a-thon, that I may or may not have participated in, we trekked into Austin to go get me supplies to make comfort food. Which means Korean food. So as I hurriedly filled my cart with odang, kimchi and noodles, Jason tried his darndest to wrangle Nathan but not before he screamed bloody murder for an apple. We paid for the apple and were on our way home for the night. We managed to take his attention away from the shiny red apple with the shiny red lights of his favorite and loud ambulance toy.

Well Sunday started off hunky doorie. I managed to take a showerand when I was getting out of the shower, I heard Nathan's high pitched shriek. In a panic, I threw on some clothes and rushed to see what was the matter. Turns out it wasn't a pain shriek, it was a tantrum shriek as he had rediscovered the apple that he fought his daddy tooth and nail for at the Korean market. So as I came out of our bedroom, this is what I found...

He knew that he wanted to eat the apple but once he got it in his mouth, he just collected chunks of apple in his cheeks and looked like a chipmunk. Silly little guy. And he wasn't a fan of the peel. Weeeeeeellll...if he had given me a chance, I would have peeled it off because Korean apples aren't very yummy with the peels on.

After he sunk his teeth into his apple, we just ran errands around town. One of which was a stop to my all time favorite place in the whole wide, green Austin, and that was the Kendra Scott store out on SoCo. I had a Plum District voucher that was due to expire at the end of October and since the rest of October is jam packed with activities, yesterday was the only "free" day we had to run out there to use it. I love Kendra Scott because the color bar lets you be creative and customize your piece of jewelry. Being the boring designer I am, I opted for the Tavi pendant in light blue quartz since it's the closest stone they had to Nathan's aquamarine birthstone.


I'm planning on wearing it with my Tiffany's Color by the Yard aquamarine necklace that J bought me the Christmas I was pregnant.

Here's my outfit from yesterday with my new necklace.
Shirt: JCrew asymmetrical ruffle tee
Jeans: KUT from the Kloth
Flip Flops: Cobian aka heaven on my feet

So this weekend was as low key as it gets at our house. There's always some sort of running around involved but at least we were able to do some fun things this time.

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