Seventeen days

Was as long as I could refrain myself from shopping. You see, it all started off as a challenge by the Fashion and Beauty ladies on the Nest. We all made our vows to not buy anything fashion related. Most of us must have had our fingers crossed behind our backs because one by one most of us caved. If there's one of you out there that still hasn't shopped please pipe up.

My last purchase was on October 3rd when I ordered the Ebbert pump from Aldo but it's so dang hard not to buy more crap when just about everybody and their dog is having a farking Friends and Family sale going on right now.

Sephora's F&F sale started yesterday and I bought some blush, a powder brush because I can't find mine and after two months of looking I've just given up and some Clarisonic brush heads. I didn't go too crazy there. And I did manage to get a free 12 oz bottle of Purity face wash from Philosphy which is what I use to wash my face with anyway.

Saks has 20% during their friends and family sale and it's hard not to be tempted. I've even found a few things I've added to my Christmas wishlist for J. Hmmmmm...aren't I a good wife? Instead of sending my dear husband out into the shopping wilderness, he'll have a list. Because I'll admit, J has a tendency to wait until the WEEK of Christmas to start his Christmas shopping and then he just gets overwhelmed by crowds and the though of trying to decide what he thinks I might like and then poor thing comes home all cross eyed from looking at too many things. Him and his parents are very much list people. So, this year, before they even ask, I have been prepping my list since ohhhh...July?

Also, what do you know...I got an e-mail from Kate Spade announcing their 30% off friends and family sale. Le sigh. I'm set as far as purses go so I'm not even going near that site but this weekend will be a test of strength because my friend, Jenny and I, will be trekking to the San Marcos Outlet Mall where there is a brick and mortar Kate Spade store. Lord help us (and the bank account) all.

While I don't need another purse, I do need to stock up on some winter essentials. Like sweaters. I think I own like 5. So just on a whim...I moseyed on over to the Tarjet website (my favorite place in the whole wide world. Maybe even the solar system) and discovered that their super soft sweaters were on sale for $15 PLUS 20% off. Woot! Woot! It would be wrong NOT to buy them for that price. So of course I ordered a few.
Recent Purchases

I also bought a fun bathmat to go in the tater's bathroom because he's discovered that he likes to splash. A lot. To the point where I have to shield myself myself from his waves with the shower curtain. By the end of his splash-a-thon our bathroom is a slip and slide, despite our best efforts to try and soak up the water with a bajillion towels on the floor. So hopefully a bath rug will soak up the majority of the water and reduce the amount of laundry I have to do after each of Nathan's baths and prevent injuries. So it's totally practical. And purdy.

So seventeen days of not shopping and I think I've managed to purchase seventeen items in the last 5 hours. My shopping freeze has officially melted like the arctic icecaps and is quickly evaporating.
Who knows though, we may not even have a winter. The cooler weather from earlier this week has vanished and it's currently 87 degrees outside but that didn't stop me from wearing a sweater dress, tights and my boots to close out the week.

Sweater dress: Bought at the Christmas Affair
Tights: Target

So what's everybody else doing this weekend? Any shopping? Have you already started on your Chistmas wishlists?

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