OOTD: Breaking the rules

So I've never been one to really follow the rules when it comes to fashion. And it seems like the rest of Austin kind of doesn't either. We dress by our own rules. You kind of have to when it's hot 10 months out of the year. So yesterday I broke the ancient rule of no white
after Labor Day and decided to wear some new white pants that I can finally fit back into.

Top: J Crew Factory Asymmetrical Ruffle Tee
Pants: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Nine West Balboa sandals
Purse: Kate Spade Gold Coast Evangaline (buy it here)

These really are brand new. They still had tags on them from when I bought them at the outlet back in 2008. At the time I couldn't fit into them and figured I'd lose a pound or two and be able to fit into them. Then I got pregnant and gained 40 pounds. So 3 years later, I am finally able to wear them. I figured I better wear them now because who knows if I'll be able to fit into them next year. Not sure if I'm loving this look. I think I'd like it a little more if the shirt wasn't so baggy and the pants didn't make me look like Gumbi. Looking at this picture reminds me of why I'm a dress person and not a pant person. I always feel dumpy in pants.

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