Keepin' it simple

The simplest outfit for me is a dress. All I gotta do is slip one on, throw on some earrings and run out the door. Voila! Instant outfit without having to think too hard about it.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Pumps: Mossimo Pearce Pumps from Target

It was especially hard to get out of the house yesterday because my office actually shut down for Columbus Day. Weird holiday to take off but I wasn't complaining. Neither was Nathan. That extra day to hang out with him and catch up on some rest was great. Except for Saturday when I discovered a river of ants in the kitchen trash can as I was making my morning coffee.


EEEEEEPPPP! Have I mentioned how much I HATE ants? These aren't just sugar ants people. These things were mean fire ants that like to chomp us to bits and pieces and they don't cut anybody any slack. Not even the toddler. I'm just glad I discovered them before Nathan did because that could have just been bad since he has this weird fascination and love for the trash cans in the house and outside of the house and the mall. You get the picture. I managed to get rid of them but not without a casualty to my closet. While I was battling the ants, I tried to kill the scent of whatever it was they were attracted to with bleach. Well, I managed to get some of that bleach on one of my favorite shirts. Boo. Hopefully it's destruction was not in vain on those little suckers don't come back. So far so good. I've seen a few ranger ants come out to investigate but then I squash them before they can report back to the rest of the colony.

Other than that, our weekend was very relaxing. Simple outfit after a simple weekend. Can't beat that!

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