A couple days late and a few bucks short

So it's been a pretty chaotic week where I'm just lucky to be able to take my outfit pictures and then we usually have to run out the door to do some sort of errand.

Sunday I went shopping at the San Marcos Outlet Mall with my friend Jenny. I actually controlled myself fairly well and didn't go horribly crazy on my purchases while we were out there. It helped that Jason told me to not to go over $_______ but even his limit was a pretty generous one that I knew that I more than likely wouldn't come close to hitting. I did almost blow the majority of my spending money that day on a pair of Tory Burch Eddies. People have always raved about the Tory Burch Revas but when I tried them on in store, they didn't really do anything for me. But then I slipped a pair of hot pink, suede, Eddies on to my feet and they were heaven. And you know why? Because the insoles of those shoes are made with memory foam. And did I mention they were hot pink? Who could say no to that? Well, apparently me because they were still kind of pricey even for outlet mall prices. The cheapo in me will always win that battle. So I passed on them for the time being but maybe I'll add them to my Christmas wishlist.

Another purchase was this corduroy skirt.


I'm undecided if I want to keep it. As you can see from the picture it's a little long and it looks like it's a little big in the waist. Normally that wouldn't be a huge deal breaker because I usually wear heels with my skirts but I'd probably wear my Intyce riding boots with this skirt that has a slight wedge but not enough height to elongate me as much as heels seem to. It was only $25 but I'd probably have to pay at least that much just for alterations. So I think I'm more than likely going to take it back. On top of the sizing issues, it's a very different dusty rose color that I'm having trouble trying to decide what to wear with it.

As for what I've been wearing this week, I've been trying to dress summery as long as possible before the cold front that was supposed to blow in this morning but the cold front is very disappointing as I sit here in my warm cashmere sweater but maybe too warm for today.

Monday, I started the week off happy and cheery in my mustard yellow shirt and white skirt.

Shirt: JCrew Factory
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Belt: Forever 21
Pumps: Mossimo Pearce Pumps from Target

Tuesday I started seeing red.
Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft from like 2006
Pumps: Mossimo Pearce Pumps from Target (AGAIN)

Wednesday I wore pants. Because you know...I'm usually pantless. Har har har. Not that pantless. Get your mind of the gutter ya'll. I meant that I'm usually in skirts. What did you think I was saying?

Top: Banana Republic Outlet (recent purchase from my outlet shopping spree and it was only $15!)
Pants: Banana (more than likely from the outlet because that's the only place I buy their stuff)
Shoes: Ivanka Trump

Stay tuned for today's outfit and a fun Halloween outfit on Friday!

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