Breaking out the sweater...dress

Fall blew into Austin this morning and brought some much appreciated cooler temperatures with it. I could live without the wind but I'll take what I can get. As much as I hate the heat, I equally as much hate the cold, which I realized this morning when I told a co-worker that I hate running in the cold, the heat, when it's windy, when it's dark. And because of that, I went to the gym this morning. I'm surprised I even run at all. So anyway, I'm glad I managed to go to the gym today because like clockwork, the first sign of fall, I start getting hungry. And can't stop eating. I somehow managed to gain 5 pounds over the weekend and my beloved pre-Nathan, Michael Kors skinny jeans now give me a muffin top. I was hoping with the cooler temperatures, I could do a run today after work but it's still windy.

And Nathan woke up whimpering last night, which turned into a full out wail in .002 seconds. Poor little guy. There's nothing in the world that makes a parent feel more helpless than listening to your child screaming and trying everything you can to calm them down. Helpless I tell ya. As much as I love the wordless giggles and him saying "Da," we sure do look forward to the day when he can tell us if he's in pain or if he's scared so we can try and help make him feel better. He just didn't know what he wanted. I'd hold him and he'd push away. I'd put him down in hopes that he'd run off and play but then he'd waddle the two steps back to me with his arms stretched out and tears in his little eyes. So when all else failed, I just held him, rocked him, stroked his head with the hope that he'd calm down. Turns out that I think he was teething. We put some Orajel on his teeth, let it do its magic and then there was silence, followed by his loud snores. I was a nervous wreck for the rest of the night and couldn't really shut my brain off to go to sleep. I just sat and watched him as he shuddered in his sleep.

So since we had such a rough night, I went back to my easy, peasy outfit formula.


Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Tights: Assets from Target because I *cough* could use all the help I can get *cough*
Booties: Mossimo Varana Shooties from Target

I threw in some tights since it was 66 degrees outside this morning. Some would say that's nice and cool. To me that's freezing and I might as well be living in the Arctic.

My closet is not quite outfitted for cooler weather yet so it was kind of hard to find something to wear I bought the dress while I was pregnant and so it has had one rough life already. I think this might be the last season I wear it. I'm slightly OCD about things and the tights and the booties are two different shades of black and it's kind of driving me crazy. The tights have a little bit of green to them while the booties are black. I had high hopes for these booties because it seems like I always have to spend a pretty penny on my shoes because of my funky feet. These started off oh so comfortable but by three o'clock my pinky toes were in some serious pain. So maybe they're a dinner out shoe but not a wear eight hours at the office kind of shoe. I'm still hopeful that I can work them into the rotation. We'll see. If not then I guess the search for booties continues.

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