They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend

but I would prefer shoes any day. Don't get me wrong...I love diamonds as much as the next girl but I'm just as happy with a new pair of purdy shoes or a soft new purse. Clothes not so much these days because they're constantly covered in drool or snot from my little nose picker and I'm still in the process of losing weight. So here are some of my recent purchases.

I loved the Valentino studded pumps but definitely did not love the price tag but I got lucky and managed to score the Ivanka Trump Lucirene pump on Lord and Taylor's website that were originally $140, for wait for it, $47.94 and that was with shipping included! I'm in love with these shoes. These shoes were meant to be mine because all they had left were size 6. Jason has finally, begrudgingly accepted the reality that I'm obsessed with shoes. Now him and his mom just always joke about when I'll need another pair of black shoes or a black purse. Well, here's another pair of black shoes to add to the collection.


I also bought the Report Rebecca flats during the Nordstrom shoe sale that was going on last week. I'm not a fan of flats because I always feel frumpy and dumpy when I wear them. I prefer heels because they make me just a smidge taller. But despite being flats, I feel so girly in these. I think it's the bow and they threw in some sparklies for good measure. They are so comfy that my other shoes may not see the light of day for a few weeks. I don't think Jason or my boss will have any complaints because I've come close to breaking my neck in some of my high heels. Worker's comp! No not really. I'm not that type of person. I'm also a bit of clutz so maybe this clutz needs to stay in flats. I won't mind if I'm wearing these puppies

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, it was our 4th anniversary last Thursday and Jason knows the way to my heart. He bought me the Kate Spade Gold Coast Evangeline in Cashew.


I'm totally digging the chain strap. I have Chloe, the petite blogger behind The Chloe Conspiracy, to thank for this new obsession after seeing her Lanvin Metallic Python Mini and her Fendi B Bag, both with chain straps. It was love at first sight but alas my love quickly faded when I realized how much $$$ those particular purses were. Then I found this lovely from Kate Spade. I thought about buying one of Kate Spade's quilted purses that mimic Chanel but I just liked the clean horizontal and vertical lines of the Evangeline. Imagine Jason's surprise when I asked for a purse that wasn't black. Plus, he helped me pick the color. He's so helpful. :-) It's nice to know that if I can't readily get the opinions of my girlfriends, I can turn to him for his honest opinion and get a guy's perspective on whether something is really awesome or if I'd just look silly. What can I say? The man knows the way to my heart. Through my purses. :-) Off to go throw all my stuff into my new purse!

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